Howard Niemeier

The following information is a draft of areas that I feel are important for developing professionalism
and building collaboration between the Sheriff's department, community, businesses and citizens.


The vision statement for the Bracken County Sheriff's Department will be adopted as a definition for
community policing in the County. The vision statement is a reflection of an ideal the Sheriff's Department
and local community strive for:

Community policing recognizes a shared responsibility and connection between the Sheriff's Department and
community in making Bracken County a safer, more livable county. Community policing encourages a problem,
solving partnership between citizens and the Sheriff's Department. This partnership jointly identifies
community safety issues, determines resources, and applies innovative strategies designed to create and
sustain healthy, vital neighborhood communities. It will be the responsibility of the Sheriff's Department
to continue to build collaborative efforts with the citizens, schools, churches, community, businesses,
and other stakeholders.


The mission statement of the Sheriff's Department serves as an overriding purpose for the agency. The mission
of the Bracken County Sheriff's Department is to collect taxes, secure the court house enforce laws, maintain
and improve community livability by working with all citizens to preserve life, maintain human rights, protect
property and promote individual responsibility and community commitment.


The values of the Bracken County Sheriff's Department are commitments to the community that are rooted in the
cornerstones of the Department and reflect the mission statement:

Integrity Compassion


These cornerstones of the Sheriff's Department reflect the core internal principles that will guide
decision-making in the agency at all levels:

Service orientation: Provide supportive, professional service to the community 24/7

Partnership: Work in partnership with the community, County Administration, service agencies,
the criminal justice system, and other stakeholders and departments.

Empowerment: Encourage decision making at all levels, and promote personnel responsibility,
accountability and involvement

Problem solving: Using problem solving methods to reduce the incidence and fear of crime
and to improve internal operations of the agency

Accountability: Promote responsibility among management, employees, the community,the County
Administration and other agencies for public safety resources, strategies and outcomes