Since being elected Bracken County Sheriff in 2010, Howard has brought the Bracken County Sheriff’s Office into the 21st Century.  There have been many accomplishments over the last eight years and many new programs initiated by the Sheriff’s Office.  There are two major achievements that the Sheriff is most proud of, these are the implementation of the SALUTE (Students and LawEnforcement United Through Education) and the SRO (School Resource Officer) Program.  See more information about these two programs below. 

The following is a list of some of these accomplishments but is not an all-inclusive list.  Niemeier has also received the 2014 Kentucky Sheriff’s Association, Sheriff of the Year Award.


Accomplishments as of January 2019:

  • New Property and Evidence Room- added a room for storing evidence and property that was being stored on desks, under desks and not secure in the office

  • New Firearms- handguns, rifles, shotguns, and bulletproof vests- replaced officers carrying their own handguns and also upgraded vests and supplied with rifle and shotguns

  • New Uniforms- upgraded uniforms to include three each summer and winter uniforms

  • New Detective Position- new position to investigate major crimes that occur in county

  • Radios & Repeaters for Vehicles- upgraded agency portable radios, in car radios and repeaters in vehicles

  • New Policy and Procedure Manual- implemented new policy and procedures that are written to State and National Accreditation Standards for accepted law enforcement practices

  • Mutual Aid Agreement with Mason County-  agreement with Mason County where both agencies have jurisdiction in Germantown no matter what County they are in

  • Implementation of Vehicle Replacement Program- begin process of replacing Ford Crown Vics with Ford Explorer SUV vehicles to improve travel during inclement weather throughout the county

  • Implementation of New Court Security Program- with building of new Justice Center had to implement new Court Security Program to provide security for the Justice Center while it is open.  This program requires up to 11 part-time positions to man the court house.  All of these positions are funded by the Administrative Office of the Courts not costing county for these positions.

  • Computer Aided Dispatch System (CAD) added a CAD system in Dispatch that moved from a paper system of documenting calls for service to a computerized system that gives agencies more flexibility in running reports of activity.  Can also set up alerts in the system to warn first responders of safety issues when responding to calls

  • Dispatch Console Radio System- moved from dispatching from three mobile radios to a single console system comparable to most dispatch centers

  • Sheriff’s Office Move to 2nd Floor- with move of circuit clerk’s office to justice center, Sheriff’s office was able to move to second floor giving office much needed additional space for expansion

  • Drug Investigation Program – implemented drug investigations throughout the County which has resulted in over 300 drug charges being filed in County

  • Numerous Crime Prevention Programs- have implemented several crime prevention programs to address different crime prevention issues.  These will be highlighted in another area

  • Students and LawEnforcement United Through Education (SALUTE) Program- Sheriff Niemeier and Chief Deputy Bob Scott wrote this program and developed workbook for students in Summer 2013.  This program was implemented to give agency the flexibility to conduct training that was restricted and not allowed with the old DARE program.  Program includes bullying, cybercrime, social media issues, and expanded drug issue training.

  • School Resource Officer (SRO) Program- this is a program that grants were written for each of first five years to no avail.  Bracken County Schools wanted this program so in 2016 they decided to work with Sheriff’s office to have this program implemented in Bracken County School District.  This program is paid for by the Bracken County School District.  Officers in school handle numerous cases involving the kids, mentor students, read to students, teach some classes on safety issues, work with teachers and the administrative staff at school.  This frees the Deputy working road to concentrate on patrolling the county and answering calls throughout the county.

  • Greater Accountability of Deputies- have made deputies more accountable for their duties to the citizens.  This has been accomplished through completion of daily activity reports, report accountability, investigation accountability, and enhanced policy and procedures

  • Enhanced Investigation Training- all deputies now have attended Crime Scene Investigation and Interview Techniques training to improve their investigation skills

  • 1033 Military Surplus Program- 2 Humvees, Trailer, and Generator  $98,043 – received this free equipment from the military to be used during emergencies throughout the county

  • Enhanced Professionalism/Deputy Experience- average experience of deputy has gone from about 5 years when I came into office to approximately 16 years per deputy now.  Also between Bob Scott and Sheriff Niemeier we have approximately 80 years’ experience between us.

  • Radio Simulcast System- have implemented the first phase of a three phase project to improve radio communications throughout the County.  Radio communications leaves a lot to be desired in the county as there are dead spots in county where deputies have no service with radios or cell phones and are their own when in these areas.  This program will not solve all of these issues but will improve communications throughout county once fully implemented.

  • New Radio Tower in Milford- moved and replaced radio tower in milford area to Chaney Road.  This was a 190 foot tower compared to a 25 foot tower at previous site.  This improved radio communications in the Milford area.                       

  • Instructor Training – Firearms, Taser, and FATS (FireArms Training Simulator) – have sent deputies to instructor training for these weapons so that agency can train its own personnel without being dependent on other agencies schedules to get training for these issues.  Personnel are required to complete annual training on firearms and Tasers and also complete FATS training each year. 

  • Mobile Wifi System for MDTs- acquired mobile wifi devices to put in vehicles so that deputies can use their mobile data computers throughout the county instead of just in areas around county where they could connect to an open wifi system

  • Office Wifi System- implemented wifi in office for use with vehicles parked at office to download reports into the records system at office and for printing from the car to office printers

  • Upgraded Agency Computer System (Backup System)- implemented a backup program for agency computers to be backed up on a daily basis to avoid loss of data due to computer crashes, ransomware or viruses

  • KidPrint Child ID Program- implemented a child ID program for kids in the 1st and 5th grades at the Augusta and Bracken County Schools.  This program was made available through a collaborative effort with schools, Augusta Rotary Club, Woodmen of World, Citizens Police Academy Alumni Association and Church contributions.

  • Leads On Line Property Program- This program was implemented to assist deputies in the investigation of cases and the retrieval of stolen property.  It has been instrumental in the recovery of property in several cases in the County.

  • Developed a Sheriff’s Office Facebook page to get information out to the citizens of the County

  • Mutual Aid Agreement (BACKUPPS)- This program was implemented to provide for mutual aid assistance when requested from numerous agencies in disasters and investigations. 

  • Grants- the agency has received $291,293.00 in grant money to purchase firearms (handguns, rifles, shotguns), Tasers, bullet proof vests, computers, radios, and overtime for the Sheriff’s Office; and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), radio dispatch console, and other radio equipment for the for radio towers throughout the County for Dispatch.