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Howard W. Niemeier is Sheriff of Bracken County, Kentucky.  He has been in office since January of 2011 and is working on his third term in office.

In Kentucky, the sheriff is responsible for the service of civil and criminal process, the service of warrants and the important task of security throughout our court systems. This office assures the citizens that the competency of our deputies continues as we have ongoing training

and qualification resulting in certification each year.

As representatives and citizens of this community, we make 

every effort to create a harmonious, working relationship

with our sister law enforcement agencies and to assist

in maintaining a cohesive contract with our community

while implementing a safe and secure environment.

Vital to the prosperity and continuing growth of our

county, the sheriff has the duty of collecting and 

distributing county taxes. As each year passes, we

enhance our technology and procedure in these 

collections attempting to make the process as

comfortable and convenient as possible.