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Carrying a Concealed Deadly Weapon (CCDW) Permits

How do I get a Concealed Carry permit?

The following are the required steps in obtaining a concealed and deadly weapons license:

STEP 1: You must complete the required training course and receive your training certificate.
NOTE: This requires a $75.00 fee, which is paid directly to the certified instructor.


Robert Allen Reed                     Foster                         606-747-5540

Johnnie Mack Riley, Jr.             Brooksville                606-217-1215

Raymond Daniel Woodruff     Brooksville                606-782-3190

Michael A. Moran                      Germantown            606-375-3413

STEP 2: You must obtain a color photograph not smaller than 3 1/2×4 inches and not larger than 4×5 inches. The photo must be a full-face shot. Kentucky State Police will accept a passport photo.   For an additional $5.00, the Bracken County Sheriff’s Office will can take the photo for you.

STEP 3: A check or money order in the amount of Forty Dollars ($40.00) payable to Kentucky State Treasurer.

STEP 4: A check (payable to the Bracken County Sheriff’s Office) or cash in the amount of Twenty Dollars ($20.00) or ($25.00) if we take photo.

NOTE: CCDW’s are delivered to and can be picked up only in our office at 116 West Miami Street, Brooksville

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