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Website links and phone numbers are provided below:

Bracken County Emergency Management  606-735-2578

Bracken County Judge Executive   606-735-2300

Bracken County Property Value Admin.  606-735-2228

Bracken County Circuit Court Clerk  606-735-3328

Bracken County Clerk  606-735-2952

Bracken County Attorney  606-735-2905

Bracken County Dispatch  606-735-2700  or 911 for emergencies

Augusta Police Department  606-756-3296

Brooksville Police Department   606-735-3553

Kentucky Law

KY Sex Offender Registry

KY Attorney General for Identity Theft   502-429-7131

KY Attorney General for Scams   800-804-7556

KY Department of Homeland Security   502-564-2081

KY State Police  Dry Ridge Post 6    859-428-1212

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